Wet, Wet, Wet…

Here’s a look at rainfall totals in Acadiana Tuesday thru 9 PM.  The Lafayette to New Iberia corridor had totals of 2-4″.  More rain is on the way for the coming days, with some locations picking up over 6″ total thru Thursday afternoon.  Below is a look at one computer model projection.

By the way, the bulls-eye in Cameron Parish indicates around 14″.  While this may be a bit excessive, training of thunderstorms on Thursday could lead to some pretty impressive totals, so be aware of the flash flooding risk as the heavier downpours move in.

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  1. David Paul says:

    As a follow-up, the total for Lafayette ended up being 6.37″, so this model run was fantastic! The actual total for New Iberia was 7.57″ and for Lake Charles was 5.15″.


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