Worst-Case Scenario Is Most-Likely Scenario…

We look to be facing down the barrel of an historic storm for the Northeast as Hurricane Sandy moves northward and a deep trough of low pressure moves in from the west.  There’s a pocket of energy in the atmosphere in the Pacific Northwest as of Friday afternoon that will combine with the energy of Sandy Sunday night, resulting in a hybrid system of grand scale early next week.  Landfall looks to occur somewhere between Long Island, NY, and Virginia Beach, VA.  Combined with a full moon, tidal surge is a concern and large, battering waves will cause devastating coastal erosion.  Flooding will result from not only surge, but rainfall as copious moisture moves inland.  Wind damage will likely be widespread and with many leaves still on trees, power outages on a large scale seem inevitable.  Farther west over the higher terrain of the Appalachian Mountains, snow will fall and could be locally heavy.  What we’re about to witness seems so simple looking at the computer models, but the fact is, we just don’t have all the ingredients come together at the right time too often.  A billion dollar storm sure looks to be on the horizon.

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