An Historic Storm In The Offing?

Here’s a look at Hurricane Sandy Wednesday afternoon, just after slamming Jamaica.  The latest computer model guidance is inching closer to what could be an historic storm set-up for the Northeast.  A potent storm system and trough of low pressure over the Northwest US will sweep eastward over the remainder of the week, helping steer Sandy northward.  This could pull Sandy inland over the Mid-Atlantic to New England area sometime from later Monday into Tuesday.  In this scenario, hurricane-force wind gusts could pound the Northeast and the resulting storm surge could devastate coastal communities.  Inland flooding could become a threat by mid-week as the system moves to the NW.  There could even be some snow farther inland as some really cold air is pulled southward.  While we are looking at great weather, the same cannot be said for the East Coast.  If Sandy does hug the US coastline, we could see three or four days with highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s.  We’ll keep an eye on Sandy and the similarities between this scenario and the “Perfect Storm” of 1991.

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