What If???

We’re tracking Tropical Storm Sandy in the Caribbean, moving to the NNE and taking aim on Jamaica Wednesday.  A move the NNE will continue, but the question is, for how long?  While many models curve Sandy to the NE, the ECMWF model, shown here, takes the system towards Long Island, New York, by Tuesday morning.  While this seems like a long shot, what if it actually happens?  The trough moving in from the west would have to “suck” Sandy northward for such a track to occur.  In this scenario, we’d likely see a transition from a tropical system to an extra-tropical system as colder air becomes involved in the circulation.  In fact, the air could be cold enough for some snow across interior parts of the Northeast.  While we’re more-likely to see Sandy move off into the Atlantic, we’ll watch for the potential of a northward track that could make weather history.

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